Koosh Woosh Summer Fun

I went to the park the other day and dug out an old toy from my trunk. It was the Koosh Woosh, which is like a Frisbee, but instead of being made of hard plastic, it is a soft material with a more rigid rim. It kind of looks like a flat donut and it flies very well, but it is easier to catch than a traditional Frisbee.

If I remember correctly, you can also we the fabric to make it heavier and more fun on a hot summer day. In fact when I just looked it up online, I found references to people calling the item a Flying Soaker.

I was wondering why I don’t see more of them around. I thought maybe they weren’t manufactured anymore, but I was able to find one websites that still sells them. If these aren’t active when you’re reading this, you could also try eBay too.

Check for the Koosh Woosh here:

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