Kids Training Parents

Wait! You’re wondering if I mixed up the words in the title of this post, right? Shouldn’t it be Parents Training Kids? Yes, it should be and no, I didn’t mix up the words. I wrote them exactly as they should be to explain the point of this blog posting.

Although I have may have mentioned this excellent point before elsewhere in this review series, it certainly bears repeating.

If parents give in to a kid’s demand in order to avoid some negative behavior (such as the kid throwing a fit or embarrassing the parent in public), then that is nothing more than classic behavior modification that you learned about in Psychology 101 in your freshman year of college. Did you ever imagine it would be the kids in control of the experiment? Did you ever picture the inmates running the asylum, as they say?

Parents, you need to think about this, the next time you “cave in” to a demand from a kid or the next time you let your kids get away with something in order to avoid a confrontation with them over it.

Are you ready to start training your kids instead of the other way around?

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