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I’ve said it before and I know I will have to say it again. In fact, I am going to keep on saying it until enough parents start figuring out that it’s the best solution to every problem that stems from their children’s sue of the computer and the Internet.

Here’s the “magic” solution: Put the computer in the middle of the living room!

Why am I on this rant today? It’s because I was having a discussion with a friend who was talking about her extended family and some problems the family members were having. They have a young teen son who stays up until all hours of the night IM’ing with several friends. His grades dropped to the point where they think he will have to repeat a grade and his sports performance also declined. They are tracing everything back to the simple fact that he is exhausted from getting minimal sleep every night!

The parents say that they tell him to shut off the computer and go to bed, but he soon gets out of bed and is back online.

If that computer was in the middle of the living room, rather than in his bedroom, would they be having this problem? No, they would not.

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