Kids Need A Break

When I was listening to the audio CD for lesson 2 of The Total Transformation, I heard something that almost caused me to spit the milk out as I was drinking it!

I know, it sounds like a sitcom scene, but that’s how it happened. I was taking a sip of the milk at the exact moment that creator James Lehman was relating a story that happened to him in his private counseling practice. Obviously, it was just a general story. No names were involved.

He was saying that he was working with a family and the kids were getting into all kinds of trouble. He was discussing this with the mother and she agreed with him. Her solution? She decided to take the kids on a family vacation to Florida because the kids needed a break!

Isn’t that hilarious / ludicrous / sad?

I agree that her kids needed a break, but it was from their own bad behavior, not the consequences of their actions!

Learn how to get your kids to behave better – without taking them on vacation…ha!

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