Kids & Movie Ratings

I’m going to ask the questions right up front on this one. Do you care about the ratings of movies your kids want to see? Do you even know the ratings of the movies they want to see?
If you are not the one who is physically sitting in the movie theater with your kids while they watch the movie, then you have absolutely no idea what movie they are actually seeing!

Your local theater has big signs that say they only sell tickets to those of appropriate age and that they request ID when necessary. That makes you feel better, right? It shouldn’t. It makes no difference what movie ticket people buys, it only matters which movie they actually see.

If it is early in the day, a ticket taker is only stationed in one spot. Kids give him or her the ticket and are then free to roam anywhere they like and go to any movie they wish to see. Later in the day, there are two ticket takers, one for each half of the theater. Kids merely buy tickets to an appropriately rated movie that is on the side of the theater with the movie they really want to see, and off they go…right to the one beyond their age rating.

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