Kids Making Their Own Greeting Cards

My friend and I were discussing the other day how much better is to have kids make their own greeting cards rather than getting them into the habit of buying them at the store.
Obviously, parents will save money if they don’t have to buy two sets of cards for special occasions, one from them and one from their children. Having kids make their own cards has other benefits too.

One benefit is that it will help them with the communication and writing skills. Parents should guide the children in the creation of the card by asking them to think about what they want to say to the person and what the best way to express themselves in this format should be.

Another benefit can be artistic. Since many greeting cards have artwork on the covers, encourage children to decorate their own cards. Again, rather than just telling them to draw anything they want (even if that might be seen as encouraging artistic expression), I think it makes sense to have them think about the recipient and what kind of picture he or she would like in relation to the special occasion.

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