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Courtney looked up and saw the toaster on the counter. She stopped crying and suddenly got an idea.

Breakfast! Courtney decided to surprise her mother by making breakfast for the two of them all by herself. “She will be very proud of me this time,” Courtney said to herself.

Courtney ran around the kitchen getting all the things she needed. She knocked over a basket of apples and put two of them on a tray. She plopped the bread into the toaster.

Courtney poured the cereal into the bowls. She filled the glasses with cranberry juice.

Courtney’s mother yawned as she walked into the kitchen. “Good morning, dear. What are you doing in here so early?”

Courtney smiled. She ran over and hugged her mother. “I wanted to surprise you,” Courtney said excitedly.

Courtney’s mother looked around at the mess in the kitchen. “You certainly did that,” her mother said lovingly and patiently. She hugged Courtney again.

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