Kids: Computer Games & Television Versus Exercise

I read an article the other day that said kids are watching more TV and spending more time in front of the computer than ever. (Big surprise there, right?) I also read another article the same day that stated obesity is rising among children at an increasing rate. (Even bigger surprise, right?)

OK, so am I the only one who puts these two facts together? There are still plenty of participatory school and community sports activities that kids and parents can find those opportunities for exercise if they desire. However, kids don’t have to be athletic to get exercise. They don’t need to be on a team or on a league.

I think what’s missing is the concept of kids “going outside to play.” Everything today for them revolves around something electronic, which for the most part means they have to be inside and not moving. For the non-athletic, what ever happened to the neighborhood kickball game on a side street or a Frisbee toss in the backyard? What about sledding in the winter? Kids spend most of the time (and calories) walking back up the hill repeatedly.

How are you going to get your kids moving?

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