Kids Behaving Well, Kids Behaving Badly

To follow up on a previous post in which I asked what readers thought of having children at a wedding, I must report that the children at the wedding reception I attended earlier today were all extremely well-behaved.

In a four-hour period, there was not a single one of the five or six kids in attendance that cried, yelled, ran around, or threw any kind of a fit. I applaud those parents for the excellent job they are doing raising their kids. (Maybe they have been reading and following the tenets of the Total Transformation Program!)

As a contrast, the kids I saw in the department store while shopping yesterday for a gift for the couple were horrendous. There was an all out fit by a kid in a stroller which included top of the lungs screaming as well as arms and legs flailing while he tried to escape the stroller’s restraints. On the other side of the store, there was a girl whining and yelling for her mother who was several aisles away. How did she get separated from her mother by that distance in a store? What parent in this day and age would let that happen?

To top it off, there was another set of kids who were running around the store while holding toys. Several shoppers had to stop short and almost rammed into the kids with the carriages because the kids would appear out of nowhere at the end of an aisle. Not only were the kids in danger of injury from running into a shopping cart or being hit by one, they were certainly prone to injury by falling and landing on the toys they were carrying. Those parents need the Total Transformation Course post haste!

Do you have an Out Of Control Child? The Total Transformation Program is an effective home discipline program that can turn your kid around.

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