Kids Arguing With Parents

We’ve all witnessed a scene in a department store, grocery store, or other public venue in which parents were arguing with their children. If you prefer to think of it as kids arguing with their parents, by all means, do so. Either way, you might want to stop and ask yourself if there is any point to it?

In the Total Transformation Program, James Lehman warns parents against arguing with their kids. He makes a point so obvious that it is often overlooked, but shouldn’t be. He says that arguing a point gives the point validity. That is so true! I’ve often that of that myself when watching parents interact with their kids.

Let’s take an example from a department store. Once the parents have told the kid to put a toy back on the shelf because he can’t have it, isn’t that the end of the story? What is the point of the kid repeatedly saying, “But I want it” and the parent constantly replying, “I said you can’t have it” as they stand in the toy aisle? Actually, exchanges like that are absolutely pointless and that’s why they should be eliminated from all parent/child interactions.

I’m looking forward to reading further into the program to find out the exact techniques that parents can use to avoid arguments when the kids try to start them. Read more blog entries or see the full Total Transformation information for full details.

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