Kid Transportation

As adults, our main mode of transportation for the majority of us is by car. We wonder what we would do without cars. For those in urban areas with a viable public transportation system, then ride on a bus, subway, or commuter train may also be part of your weekday routine.

Did you ever reflect back and think about all the ways kids get around? In addition to the same methods adults use, kids are much more likely to use an array of other modes as well.
Kids walk to their friend’s home if their friend’s live nearby. They also roller skate, use skateboards, and pump away on scooters. Little kids have Big Wheels and tricycles while older kids can go farther distances with dirt bikes, three speeds bicycles, and ten speeds bicycles.
Why do we adults forget about all these non-automotive options? (OK, well, you might look a little funny riding a Big Wheel, but other than that, they are all viable choices.) Think of all the calories we could burn with some creative transportation changes!

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