Kid Nation

Have you been watching Kid Nation?

I have to say that I have not watched the show, but I did read about it in Variety.

Variety reports that parents of participating children had to sign a waiver included in the 21 page contract that included disclaimers that the children may be exposed to “hazards and conditions that may cause death” among other choice phrases.

Granted, crossing the street everyday obviously exposes children and adults to “hazards and conditions that may cause death.” However, would you willingly sign up your kid for this?

I suppose it’s no different than kids doing mountain climbing or racing motorbikes, or even riding their bicyles in their own neighborhood on a busy street. The production company is probably just trying to protect itself for any eventuality, no matter how unlikely, at the behest of their legal team.

Still, if the worse possible thing happened and a child did die in a circumstance directly attributable to participating in a reality TV show, how could a parent live with that?

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