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When I think about this blog overall, I wonder sometimes if there are topics that I have never written about or if there is a certain aspect of some topics that I have never covered. Just when I think there won’t be a new one, something pops into my head. Today’s topic is kid’s music. That’s one I haven’t written about before. I did write about adult music and the new Police CD a few months ago, but not kid music.

Let’s start with a bit of nostalgia. Think back to what kind of music you listed to as a child. I don’t mean as a teenager when top 40 or heavy metal (or whatever was popular in your day) was all over the radio. I mean what kind of music did you listen to in your elementary school years?

I bet you had some Disney records or tapes in your collection. In addition those, my friends and I had some of the same records as the songs we sang in school. One year, the teacher ordered them for anyone who was interested. After that, my mother wrote away to the company and we were able to get the rest of the series.
Next entry: What’s the popular child music these days?

What did you listen to as a child? Feel free to share your favorite memories of music from when you were a kid.

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