Key Ring Flashlights

Sometimes small investments pay big dividends. That’s not only true in the stock market. It can also turn out to be true in small matters of convenience in our everyday routines which leads me to the topic of this entry: Key Ring Flashlights.

How many times have you fumbled with your keys in the dark, either outside your house, or your car in a poorly lit parking lot? Did you wonder if it would be worth it to get one of those keyring flashlights?

I always considered it, but never bothered since they can be kind of bulky and I figured I was carrying enough stuff on my keyring due to my car’s automatic starter and remote locking capability, each of which have their own separate key fobs.

I ended up getting a flashlight key ring for free as a promotional item so the price was definitely right. I figured I might as well try it. It worked great! Unfortunately, the battery died after a couple weeks and I was not about to break it open and see if it could be replaced. If so, I assume it would have taken a watch battery and those things are never cheap.

I have now returned to my previous method of flipping open the cell phone and using the light from that as an impromptu flashlight.

What do you do?

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