Jiffy Pop Popcorn

I have been meaning to write this entry for a while. I wrote myself a note weeks ago after a trip to the store with a friend I and never got around to finishing the entry.

Here’s what happened. My friend and I were shopping at a department store and came across a display with Jiffy Pop popcorn in the original containers. Talk about nostalgia for childhood!

I picked up one of the containers and showed her. “Do you remember these?” I asked. She instantly smiled and said she hadn’t seen them in ages.

That set us off on a whole discussion of what we remembered about the product. We talked about the commercials and how much we would bug our parents to buy those at the store. We laughed at how much fun we would have watching the foil rise.

We both remembered how good the Jiffy Pop smelled when we opened the foil. We also remembered how you had to be so careful handling the item, especially when you took the outer cardboard top off the foil because even the slightest pinhole would cause the container to malfunction.

We even reminisced about how disappointed we were when that would happen, especially if it was the last one in the house!

When was the last time you had Jiffy Pop popcorn? They probably make a microwave version now too, but I’m talking about the original that you had to hold by the wire handle and shake lightly above the burner.

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