Jenny McCarthy’s Book On Autism

It’s been a while since I checked the headlines and gave some commentary on what is going on in the world of parenting news so I thought I would do a few entries in that regard starting with this one.

One recent headline that caught my attention was actress Jenny McCarthy’s new book about discovering and dealing with her son’s autism. If you are interested in getting it, the title of the book is Louder Than Words: A Mother’ Journey in Healing Autism. The gist of the book is that Jenny has done a ton of research and found a supportive medical network to help her find methods and treatments that allowed her son to make vast improvements in his behavior.

Interestingly, she says that she knows the same treatments have not worked on other autistic kids, but she wants to inform parents of what is out there and urge them to try different techniques with their kids to see if they will work in their particular situations.

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