Is The Total Transformation Program Effective

What is the scientific evidence for the effectiveness of such a program?

The current findings regarding the outcomes of ADHD and disruptive behavior disorders indicate that all children presenting with symptoms of ADHD and ODD/CD need to be assessed and treated with a view of targeting both the ADHD and the disruptive behaviors.

The link between behavioral disorders and poorer psychosocial outcomes only reinforces the need to treat these disorders aggressively with both psychosocial and pharmacologic interventions. In addition, these children are difficult to live with and parents need to understand that they do not need to deal with their ADHD and ODD/CD child alone.

Programs that teach parents acute, simple behavior management strategies (Parent Training) and those that help build and reinforce cognitive, problem-solving skills (Collaborative Problem-Solving) have both been shown to be effective.

[Someone Else’s Kids Editor’s Note: When the author says “such a program,” she is referring to the Total Transformation Program, which is the subject of her analysis.]

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