Interactive Video Games For Kids

I mentioned in a previous entry that I was in favor of interactive video games because they get kids to move. No doubt, your kids will be playing video games at your home or at their friend’s houses, so why not find games that get them up and moving at the same time.

No doubt, the Nintendo Wii sets the standard for interactive video games, but there are other options if the Wii is out of your budget or you want to make sure your kids will enjoy those types of activities before you make a significant investment of buying the game unit and several cartridges, all of which will quickly add up to several hundred dollars.

In addition to the Star Wars LightSaber Game reported on previously, I found a a few other similar plug and play video games. (Plug and Play means you can simply plug them into your television directly via the audio and video jacks rather than having to buy a game unit such as the Xbox 360 or Nintendo Wii.)

Interactive Surfboard Game – Players actually stand on a surfboard that is over 3 feet long. The surfboard responds to how you move your body as you interact with waves of varying height, sound, and speed. You and your kids can surf the waves no matter how far away from the ocean you live.

Interactive Football Game – Playersd stand and move around on a pad that has arrows indicating which direction they want their onscreen counterparts to move in. There is also a game controller in the shape of a football that controls throws and passes.

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