Insta Snow Best Fake Snow For Christmas Holidays

Stop your holiday decorating plans in their tracks. This product will make all the difference this holiday season.

I just tried Insta Snow. It’s a fake snow powder to which you add some water and you suddenly have your very own snow produced right in front of your eyes. When they say instant, they aren’t kidding. I tried to capture the process on camera and we had to click the button really fast several times in a row to try to see the different stages. I have pictures below.

I was amazed at how much snow was produced. That’s why I included the picture of the little sample package I started with. I only used half the powder in the package and half the water! You can see how little it took to make that full bowl of snowflakes.

I can’t believe how realistic the snow looks and feels. Perhaps this is one of Hollywood’s special effects secrets! The kids (and you) will absolutely love playing with this stuff.

The website that sells this stuff also has other great holiday decorating ideas and gift items. I also got the DVD of fireplace scenes. At first, I thought it would be kind of monotonous, but they did an awesome job with it. There are several different scenes from which to choose and there are also different soundtracks with music options and fire sound options to mix and match with the scenes so you could play the DVD everyday throughout the Christmas season and have a different experience each time.

Believe me when I say there’s something for everyone on your gift list on the site too. They even have the Bodygard Emergency Tool Keychain!

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