Information On Paper Towels

I am starting off this new blog category discussing something you use in your house everyday paper towels. There’s an expense that really adds up on something that is literally thrown away daily. I thought it might be fun to do this entry in the Socratic method.

You can search online for information on paper towels. Will what you read affect your decision to purchase cheap paper towels versus brand name paper towels?

Would you rather pay less and use more paper towels each time or would you rather pay more and get a more absorbent brand?

How about the fancy designs on the more expensive brands? Do you think those are worth the extra money?

Are you swayed by commercials? I don’t know how they do it on TV, it must be trick photography, but they manage to have paper towels soak up more liquid than a sponge!

What’s your favorite brand? Why is that one your favorite paper towel brand?

Would you switch brands if you learned that another brand did better in consumer testing?

When you go to the store, do you compare prices on paper towel brands to see what is on sale or do you automatically reach for the same brand name week after week?

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