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I just heard about a new website for new moms and want to share it with my readers.

It’s a search engine just for moms called Light Iris. The idea behind the site is so smart and simple that I’m surprised someone hasn’t implemented it before now, but congratulations to site founder Kevin Burke for coming up with the idea and bringing it to fruition.

When you search for terms on the Light Iris site, you get results restricted to parenting sites. A quick example will make you realize why this website is so valuable. If you go to Google and type in the word “bottle,” the first five results contain a Wikipedia entry defining the word and four sites of bottle manufacturers. It’s unlikely that those are the results a new mother would be looking for as she searched with that particular word.
If you type “bottle” into the Light Iris search box, you instead receive targeted results. The first five include alternatives to baby bottles, a craft project for kids using bottles at the beach, information on switching from breast feeding to bottle feeding, an ecommerce site selling glass baby bottles, and information on supplementing breastfeeding with bottle feeding.

The Light Iris site will definitely be a timesaver for parents.

Update: Last time I checked the site, it was no longer active which is too bad because it seemed like such a good and viable idea.

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