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I have mentioned the bargains available on eyeglasses available online before including the review of one such company, Zenni Optical, by a consumer reporter. In fact, that site still has people commenting almost every day on the original consumer story over a year later. People there were reporting some trouble accessing the site over the past couple days, but I had no problem getting to it when I checked before writing this entry.

In case you missed the previous entries…here’s the information in a nutshell…you can buy prescription eyeglasses online for only eight dollars a pair. I can’t wait to actually try this service. I will be going for an eye exam next week so I will finally be in the market to test the company and its products for myself. You can believe I will follow up on the blog with details.

One thing I want to note is that the site says all their eyeglasses (yes, even the basics for eight dollars) have scratch resistant coating. Can you believe when you purchase eyeglasses at traditional stores they charge you an EXTRA ten or fifteen dollars for that coating on top of the two or three hundred price tag for the glasses?

In the meantime, while I was on the site checking to see I could access it, I looked around to see some possibilities that I might order next week. There are a couple possibilities listed below. (Frankly, at those inexpensive prices, there is no need to choose…it is reasonable to order several different styles, which is what I plan to do next week.)

I think I like the bottom choice better because they have the full frame.

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