Ineffective Parenting Roles

Ineffective Parenting Roles – that is the subtitle of the second lesson in the Total Transformation child behavior change program. The actual chapter or lesson title is Why Aren’t My Children Listening To Me?

Obviously, the author of the material was making the point that the kids aren’t listening or behaving due to the ineffective approaches the parents are taking and employing when dealing with their kids.

There was an interesting point brought out by one of the other participants on the CD. (You may remember from my reviews of the first part of the Total Transformation program that there are two parents [not related to each other] who are part of the ongoing discussion with Mr. Lehman during the CD. The material is presented in a much more easily understood discussion format, rather than a pure lecture format.)

The speaker was saying that parents often rely on two sources – their own common sense and a fall back to how their parents handled situations with them. I agree that those are the two main sources of parental inspiration in most cases. James points out the problem with this scenario. One issue is that these methods are not sufficient when it comes to dealing with kids with behavior problems. The second issue is that the world changes rapidly and what worked in your childhood generation is not likely to be as effective in a modern setting.

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