Ineffective Parenting Creates Irresponsible Adults

I just went through the first audio and workbook lesson as part of my continuing in-depth analysis and review of the Total Transformation Program.

What an eye opener it was! I agreed with most of the points (and for way too many parents, what will turn out to be revelations for them) made in the program. I will be discussing those in future entries as well as talking about the points that I disagree with and why I disagree.

In the meantime, I have to remark upon how just after going though the first lesson, I can see the EXACT behavior described in the course happening in real life. Here’s the kicker – – it’s not just from kids. It’s amazing how adults do the exact same things. Why do they do them? Two reasons, one is because their own parents were ineffective and allowed them to get away these behaviors as children so now they continue them as adults. The second reason is because, just as when they were kids, the behaviors are still working to get them what they want because the other adults around them don’t know how to handle them.

This observation really drives home the point that ineffective parents do their children a lifelong disservice and injustice.

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