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I was thinking more about a point made in the previous post titled Parenting Manual about how the behaviors that parents can bring about in their kids based on the ineffective techniques that are used.

What I was really dwelling in is the long-term effects of poor parenting. It’s just amazing when you stop and think about how an individual’s personality develops. So much of it can be traced back to how the person was raised. All those initial interactions with parents affect how someone later interacts with bosses, coworkers, neighbors, friends, spouses, etc.

It always comes back to the point of what an awesome (in the true sense of the word) responsibility parenting is. Today’s parenting styles and methods really are the future of society.

I also want to make the point that no matter what circumstances children grow up in, they still need to be responsible as adults (and as kids, for that matter) for their own actions. In fact, throughout the Total Transformation course, that point of personal responsibility and accountability is mentioned again and again with good reason. I will definitely be talking about it more in future posts.

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