Imagination Versus Plastic

I know the title of this blog entry sounds a little strange, but it will make perfect sense when you read the information.

There is a toy version of everything these days from kid-size kitchen sets to child size racing cars and everything else you can possibly imagine. What if you didn’t buy all those plastic toys and instead saved a ton of money and told the kids to use their creativity and make their own versions of the items.

To continue with the two examples above, they could create their own “stove” by using an overturned box as the main surface and using paper plates as the burners. They could get really fancy and cut out an oven door, using tape for the hinges. Knobs and controls can be large sized old buttons. The “racing car” could be a simple wagon with some racing stripes added on the side and a dashboard with moving parts made from a shoebox and an old clock.

The next time your kids want some expensive toy, encourage them to create their own versions. The fun of doing that will result in memories that last a lifetime.

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