Ice Cream Container Sizes

The other day I wrote an entry about milk price increases. That brought back memories of an entry I wrote a long time ago about how ice cream manufacturers have joined the ranks of so many other food suppliers in using smaller containers, but keeping prices the same or even raising them. See the Incredible Shrinking Ice Cream Container for details.

I had even written to one of the ice cream manufacturers a couple years ago to voice my displeasure with the trend. They wrote back in a timely manner (I’ll give them credit right there for that.) to say that they had done consumer research and found that their customers preferred the smaller containers with the same pricing as opposed to keeping the containers the same size but raising the price on them.

The reason I am bringing this topic again today is because I had to burst out laughing during a recent trip to the grocery store when I visited the ice cream aisle.

As I noted in the old entry, there are no half gallons (2 quarts) (8 pints) (1.89 liters) left. At the time, most brands had reduced the size of their containers to 1.75 quarts (7 pints) (1.65 liters) Now, almost every brand has gone all the way down to the 1.5 quart (6 pints) (1.42 liters) size. Unbelievable!

But wait, there’s more…I noticed something even more interesting. There were two brands that still had the 1.75 quart size…and they were bragging about it! One of them was advertising that they offered “2 more scoops” than the competition and the other brand said they offered “15% more ice cream” than the competition.

Yes, they are telling the truth and they are also currently offering more product than their competitors. However, we consumers who pay attention to stuff like this have to shake our heads.

In the big picture, in effect, they’re giving us less product than they used to and now they’re bragging about it. You’ve got to love those ice cream marketing people!

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