How To Teach Teenagers To Be Responsible With Money

Money Management For Kids & Teens In A Consumer Society

It’s been said many times that we live in a consumer society. Kids develop that demanding “give me” attitude at a very early age.

It’s no wonder this occurs when you consider the endless amount of advertising they are exposed to which constantly flashes new toys and cereals in front of kids and tempts teens with new electronic gadgets/the latest clothes/the hot music of the moment, etc.

Parents who try to indulge the kids in their endless craving never having enough stuff really aren’t doing them any favors.

If you didn’t start trying to teach kids to manage money earlier, or despite your best efforts, teenagers have still developed these bad consumer spending habits, then there is still help out there.

ING, the giant banking company, has a blog dedicated to saving. They have some suggestions to utilize teenagers endless obsession with cell phone texting to get them to think about money management. They also suggest other ways to use technology to get kids interested in learning about saving.

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