How To Manipulate Parents

I thought I would take a different tactic than usual in this blog entry. Since many articles aimed at parents are “how to” in nature, I thought I would do a parody for kids called How To Manipulate Your Parents In Three Easy Steps.

1) Play one parent against the other. Choose the weaker one and get him or her to agree with you and argue your case with the other parent.

2) Threaten to throw a fit if you don’t get your own way. Extra points if you can throw the fit in public on order to add embarrassment to the list of your parents’ reactions. To show them you’re really serious, breaking something will always make an impression.

3) Butter them up when you want something. Suddenly do everything right for a day or two before asking for an expensive toy or trip. Of course, return to normal, inappropriate behavior right after getting what you want!

The interesting thing about all this is that kids don’t need “how to” articles to figure out ways to be manipulative when they don’t get what they want. It just comes naturally to them. Unfortunately, the opposite is not true for parents. They need to take a step back and analyze the situation and plan ways to deal with manipulation tactics when their kids try them.

Parents, if you recognize your kid’s behavior in any of this, it’s time to take action!

For a more conventional look at the topic, check out this article: Masters of Manipulation: How Kids Control You With Behavior

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This blog entry continues to be very popular. Since the title is How To Manipulate Parents rather than How Kids Attempt To Manipulate Their Parents, there are probably a lot of kids and teens who come across the article looking for ideas on creative manipulation of their parents when they want something or want to avoid punishment for something. As I said originally, it was really a parody of how to parenting information articles. If you’re a parent legitimately looking for help dealing with manipulative behavior in children, this article will give you insight into how they are thiknking. If you’re a teenager looking for advice on how to manipulate your own parents, you might want to stop and think about how these behaviors will affect your relationship with them.

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