How Close Is Dunkin Donuts

How close is your nearest Dunkin Donuts outlet? Perhaps I should rephrase that to the plural…how close are your nearest Dunkin Donust outlets?

This is a little different than the usual Is It Worth It entry, but it does fit the theme. Years ago, the Dunkin’ Donuts advertising slogan was “It’s worth the trip.” They were saying that you might have to travel a certain distance to get there, but the products made it worth it.

What’s so funny about thinking about that now is that particular slogan would never work in the Northeast because Dunkin Donuts’ has saturated the market with its abundance of retail locations. In some areas, one can’t drive for twenty minutes without passing two or three of them. As if the stand alone outlets weren’t enough, they are now located inside other stores such as Stop &Shop supermarkets and the Home Depot home improvement chain.

They need a new twist on the slogan. “It’s worth the trip – all the way to the end of your block!”

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