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Back to school means back to homework assignments for millions of children across the country starting this week. If the homework troubles are about to descend on your household, here are some tips to get you through them.

– Take advantage of resources available. Never before has there been such various types of help available. As a test (no pun intended), I typed in HomeworkHelp.com and it went to website offering tutorials and more. Simply search online and you will find help on every topic imaginable.

– Verify homework assignment completion by having students write down each assignment in a specialized homework notebook or checking the class’s homework website if one is set up.

– Don’t make homework a punishment or an obstacle. Really, there is no reason why homework has to be done before playtime PROVIDED that there is ample time and energy to do both each evening. Besides, as the daylight hours start to dwindle, it makes more sense to let the kids have a break after school and go outside and get some exercise while the sun is still out. After dinner, they will have the entire evening to get their homework done.

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