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UPDATE NOTE: This is an old entry and the contest is no longer active. The links have been removed because they no longer work.

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We’ve been talking saving money in your household on and off here for a while, especially since the introduction of the Is It Worth It Consumer category on the blog. I’ve get a great topic to discuss today. Talk about saving money! How about the chance to win a $20,000 home makeover from Renuzit, a well known brand that your probably use in your home already? I thought that might get your attention. Read on for details.

Have you already decided how you would spend the money in your home? That would be so awesome to get the chance to create your dream kitchen or perhaps your own home movie theater. Maybe it’s the outside of your house and landscaping that needs some attention.

To enter the contest, you need to create a two minute video of your house demonstrating why you need a home makeover from Renuzit and you need to write an essay (250 word limit) as well. Both the essay and the video can be uploaded to the contest site. Check here to see official rules.

This type of contest can be a lot of fun and you can let your creativity shine. Imagine yourself in the judge’s shoes and really think of how to convince them that your house deserves their attention. If you need some inspiration to get started on your entry, Renuzit is offering a coupon for TriScents electric scented oil air freshener. You can simply print the coupon right from the website, a feature I love.

Enter to win with this link.

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