History Repeats Itself

If you’ve arrived here from Time Marches On, then you’ve almost completed this sequence of blog postings.

Headline: Should Drugs Be Made Legal
Graphic: Drug paraphernalia
Date: May 30, 1988

While the debate continues, usually without much seriousness, all the negative effects of the current drug policies continue to devastate portions of society.

Headline: Computer Viruses
Graphic: Silly animated viruses attack a computer
Date: September 26, 1988

Computer viruses still cause millions of dollars worth of damage and millions of dollars worth of profits for the anti-virus software makers.

Headline: Trump
Graphic: Donald Trump holding a playing card
Date: January 16, 1989

As much staying power as Madonna, but with a bigger bank account, Donald Trump still manages to gather his share of headlines (for feuding with other celebrities) and millions of fans for The Apprentice or any of his many other business ventures.

Headline: Death By Gun – America’s Typical Toll In One Week – 464
Graphic: Picture of a gunshot victim
Date: July 17, 1989

Turn on your local evening news after you read this article or pick up the next edition of your local newspaper. Enough said.

If you got involved reading these entries somewhere in the middle of the series, you can start over at the first one – Time Magazine Covers: Trip Down Memory Lane or Glimpse Into The Future?

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