Highlights Magazine Free Children’s Calendar

It seems like I keep finding more and more free offers to share with parents.

One good thing about this particular one is that I didn’t have to go searching for it as I often do. This offer showed up in my inbox!

Here’s the deal…Highlights Magazine For Children is offering a free hidden pictures calendar with each subscription of either Highlights Magazine or High Five Magazine.

(You have to remember that magazine from your own childhood. I remember that it was always in the doctor’s waiting room or dentist’s waiting room. What’s your memory of it?)

Here’s the offer to get the free calendar. Click the banner below.

Highlights Catalog

While we are at it, here’s the link to the company’s fall/holiday catalog containing over 150 new toys and games for the kids.

Check it out and you may find your Christmas shopping list completely done without ever having to set foot in the mall this year:

Highlights Catalog has 150 new toys, games, crafts, and puzzles that are sure to make kids smile! Shop now!

EDIT: I have now done a series of posts on the features and benefits for kids and parents of reading the magazine:

Highlights Magazine Features

Children’s Magazine Attributes

Highlights Magazine Analysis

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