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In some previous entries, More Children’s Magazine Attributes and Highlights Magazine Features, I have been talking about the features of Highlights for Children magazine.

In this entry, I want to analyze the features and explain the benefits I think kids will get out of reading and interacting with the publication.

As the magazine and company’s toy catalog state, Highlights is “fun with a purpose.” Of course, to their small readers, it will just be fun, but parents and teachers know that the fun activities also have real benefits.

For example, any activity that requires children to find the hidden object in a picture, to look for certain pictures throughout the magazine, or to determine the differences between two seemingly identical pictures, is actually a reading exercise! It is teaching kid’s brains to distinguish between similar symbols and to isolate certain symbols among a group of others. That process is an essential function of reading – which is isolating and discriminating between symbols (aka letters).

The factual articles as I covered in other posts are teaching kids facts about the world and adding into their general educations. There are also fictional stories which teach life lessons and help kids expand their imaginations beyond their own experiences.

The craft section encourages kids to dabble in many artistic areas including performing arts, music, traditional craft projects, and even hand-eye coordination.

Some activities throughout the magazine also encourage physical activities. (You know how I really believe in less television for kids and more exercise so I am glad to see this in the magazine.) Some activities in the issue I saw included raking leaves into a leaf maze (great for higher level thinking skills as well) and playing a version of hopscotch imported from France (teaching cross-cultural literacy).

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