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This is a follow up to a previous post about helping troubled teens. I mentioned in it that parents should take a look at a chart about teen drug use and realize the likelihood that their teens are using drugs regularly or experimenting with them.

In case parents don’t know where to start, there is a great site (the link in the paragraph above) that offers a list of warning signs. Of course, any individual sign on the list could be regarded as required teenage behavior! However, I think the key is to look at the list and see if there is a combination of these warning signs present and also consider their severity.

The website also offers much more for parents. They can download a video right from the site which features parents sharing their stories of which resources helped their own kids. Parents can also fill out a form on the site and have the video sent to them through the mail. They can use the same toll-free number to speak to a consultant live or to simply request a catalog of treatment program options.

If you are reading this entry and the situation described doesn’t apply to your family, but you know one to which it does, simply visit the site anyway and use their tell a friend feature to pass on this valuable resource to someone who needs it.

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