Help For Behavior Disorders

Critical Analysis of the Total Transformation Program (TTP) of Legacy Publishing Helping Behavior Disordered Children and Teens

Patricia O. Quinn, MD, FAAP Director, National Center for Girls and Women with ADHD

Over the last decade, pediatricians have been diagnosing and treating increasing numbers of children with behavioral problems. These children with behavior disorders make up approximately 15 percent of the children seen by pediatricians, but these physicians do not always feel sufficiently trained to fill this new role.

They, as well as the families they serve, are in need of a structured program to aid in their work with behavior disordered children and teens. The Total Transformation® Program (TTP) by James Lehman, MSW, LCSW, is a program designed to address this need.

In an attempt to provide an objective assessment of the TTP, I will undertake to address several questions in three areas need/effectiveness/accessibility). These include:

• What is the need for a behavioral management program for children and teens
with ADHD and disruptive behaviors?

• How can the TTP meet the need of providing a behavior management program to
children and teens with ADHD and disruptive behavior disorders?

• What are the underlying premise and the goals of the TTP?

• What is the quality of the materials? Are they useful? Do they deliver what is

• What is the scientific evidence for the effectiveness of such a program?

• Lastly, what is the reputation of Legacy Publishing; and what is their ability to
deliver such a service?

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