Do you think it is necessary to get rid of a perfectly functioning “old-fashioned” television set for the sole purpose of replacing it with a hi-def version? I know the commercials, the electronics stores, and the department stores are all insisting that the whole world needs HDTV’s. Are they worth the price difference?

Is there anything that you watch that is crucial for the picture to be seen in that resolution? (interestingly, I’ve read articles featuring actors, acrtresses, and professional make-up artists all saying that they were none to keen on high-definition televisions for obvious reasons.)

The last time I discussed this I advised readers to save their money, saying that they should wait a few years and HDTV would be the standard. I reminded readers that there was a time when color TV was the new and innovative idea in the industry. It looks like the time has come when almost all new TV’s being sold are both HDTV and flat screen (either LCD or plasma). I went to several store electronics departments today and couldn’t believe the numbers. I also thought it was interesting that the few remaining tube TV’s were priced insanely low compared to what they used to be just a few years ago.

What’s your HDTV plan?

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