Haunted Ghost Tours

With Halloween only a couple weeks away, here’s a suggestion for a fun Halloween activity that the whole family can do together.

Take the family on a ghost tour in your area. I have been on several of them in different cities and they are a lot of fun. Those that I’ve been on have gone by different names such as: ghost tours, ghost walks, and, candlelight ghost tours, and haunted lantern tours. They’ve all followed the same pattern. Guests meet a guide at a designated area and the guide talks guests on a walk around the area for about 90 minutes while he or she tells you the tales of all the creepy happenings that have occurred at the various locations.

Some of the adventures have even gone through real graveyards and included stories of the strange events connected with particular headstones.

Have you taken any of these tours? What were they like? Which ones would you recommend to other readers?

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