Hannah Montana Goes To The Rodeo

Sometime ago, I wrote a blog entry talking about Hannah Montana coming out on DVD. At the time, it was the first time I had heard of the character and didn’t realize she was taking the tween world by storm. Time Magazine even did a feature about the character and portrayer Miley Cyrus a couple weeks ago so the word is definitely out among parents and the general population know.

I had wondered what happened to Billy Ray Cyrus since I hadn’t heard about him in a while. It’s hard to imagine a music industry star as a stage father, but no doubt he brings a unique perspective to the role as he oversees his daughter’s work on the show.

Knowing that Miley is performing around the country as Hannah, it doesn’t surprise me to learn that she will be appearing at the Houston Rodeo. Of course, if this is a performance that you don’t want to miss, you can easily get your Hannah Montana Houston Rodeo tickets online right now in plenty of time. In fact, they may be ideal Christmas gift for young music fans in your household. (Don’t worry, even if you or your kids misspell the character’s name as “Hanah Montana,” I’m sure you can still call yourselves fans!)

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