Hand-Me-Down Clothes

Do kids still get hand-me-down clothes? This was an experience that I got to skip since I was an only child. (Yes, I know, this explains a lot!) As an adult though, friends have given me clothes they didn’t want any more and it didn’t bother me at all, probably because I knew when I got out of college, that any money I could save was a good idea because clothes are not cheap, but I am!

As a kid, I remember hearing many complaints over the years from friends and acquaintances. Kids hated those recycled items with a passion. Maybe they thought it meant that it looked like their families couldn’t afford to buy anything new or maybe it was sibling rivalry. (How come she got new stuff and I have to get her old stuff. That’s not fair.)

I wonder if any of those old complainers changed their minds when they started having their own kids and they realized how much it costs to constantly replace clothes as kids grow so quickly.

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