Hammamcher Schlemmer Catalog

Every time I get the Hammacher Schlemmer catalog in the mail it makes me think of receiving the Sears Christmas Wish Book as a kid.

There are pages upon pages of things that you would like to have. Just when you decide on one, then you see something else that seems equally as good and it becomes impossible to choose because they are all so appealing. The catalog carries a lot of great items which are perfect for parents to buy for kids, but then actually use themselves!

The only question is where to start with the latest items I noticed in the most recent catalog. By all means check them out at their website, but also do research online to compare prices because the Hammacher Schlemmer catalog prices can be steep.

Rather than try to jam everything into one entry, I am going to do a series of entries, each focusing on a specific item or a grou of related items.

First in line wil be the Pirates of the Caribbean Pinball Machine.

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