Halloween Movie

Talk about childhood nostalgia! What kid in the 80’s didn’t love the Halloween horror movie franchise? Even those that closed their eyes half the time while watching still watched the movies over and over. In the mid 80’s as VCR’s became ubiquitous video stores rented out their copies of these movies so many times, they got worn out.

My favorite scary movie was Scream (which writer Kevin Williamson originally called Scary Movie, long before the parody of his movie came out from the same studio using his original title). Kevin Williamson has said in many interviews that he was highly influenced by Halloween because it was the first scary movie he saw as a child.

I have just seen the trailer (which you can see below) for the brand new, Halloween The Movie, opening this summer, directed by Rob Zombie. I have to say that when I first heard there was going to be a remake of the original Halloween, I thought why bother, it’s been done. That all changed when I saw the trailer! Hearing that music and seeing the preview scenes brought me right back to the excitement I remember as a kid watching the Halloween movies with my friends. I love the idea that this director is going to delve into more of the background and reveal how Michael Myers turned into a killer.

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