Great Witch Theme Halloween Ebook Deals

Note: This offer expired, but I love the graphic so I left the post up. Of course, my book is still available for sale at regular price of only $2.99.

Get DARK SECRETS, Matthew W. Grant’s Latest Novel, FOR ONLY 99 CENTS on Oct. 30, 31 & Nov 1 of 2012.

That’s right, DARK SECRETS, a YA horror novel, will be available as a 99 CENT download on the Kindle during those three days. Here is a handy link and a look at the book cover:

Want MORE free and reduced price horror novels and horror short stories to download to your Kindle?

Matthew has joined with over 30 other authors to offer their books together for free during this promotion to give you plenty of chills and thrills reading from now until Halloween and beyond. Here’s the official word:

Get More Free & Reduced Price Horror Ebooks On Sale For The Kindle

More than thirty horror authors announced today that they are coming together this Halloween to offer book lovers a bewitching deal on almost fifty witch-themed ebooks on October 30, 31, and November 1, 2012.

Bargain hunting readers will find that a spell has been cast, magically lowering sale prices, which will range from free to $2.99 with the majority of ebooks being sold for 99 cents.

Although their ebooks share a similar witchy theme, the cauldron-stirring group of authors has approached the subject many different ways, from frightening to fun and from historical to hysterical.

Some authors crossed genres, mixing romantic comedy with their witchcraft while others stuck to traditional hard core horror featuring evil witches. Assorted demons, vampires, ghosts, and zombies appear in various books as well. Get More Witch Themed Fiction here.

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