Grandfather Clocks

I always wanted a grandfather clock, but I never really had room for one in the apartments I lived in. I always said that when I got a bigger place, I would look at some grandfather clocks and make a decision to get one.

I made the mistake of not thinking long term though when I finally did get one. I chose a very cheap model from a department chain instead of getting a decent one. The picture on the box looked OK, but the actual item just looks “junky” for lack of a better word. When I saw the beautiful models available at this clock site, I realized how much better I could have done. The clocks at that link could actually become family heirlooms in addition to a part of the room décor. Specifically, check out the line of Howard Miller clocks. I can just imagine those sitting by a piano in an expensive home.

I looked at the Howard Miller line on that site and my favorite model is the Howard Miller Taylor model. Some of the others were too boxy, but that one looks exactly how I think a traditional grandfather clock should look. The current one I have is at the top of a stairwell landing. I thought that would be a good spot because it can be seen from the bottom of the stairs and noticed every time I use the stairs. However, when I buy another one in the future, I will place it in the living room instead so it can be enjoyed by company as well.

When the time comes to move again and I need to get another one, I will definitely start my clock shopping research online. I learned my lesson about trusting a discount department store for a purchase like this.

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