Getting Your Money’s Worth

Since parents are always looking for ways to save money and economize budgets for their families and I love to talk about saving money and getting value when you buy something, I’ve decided to add a new category to the blog called: Consumer Reports: Is It Worth It?

I haven’t decided all the details yet. For this particular category, I probably won’t talk about big ticket items (like cars or major appliances) very often because those are so well reviewed elsewhere. Major consumer publications do annual or semi-annual reviews on these types of items and there is a ton of information available on them. The other thing about these big purchases is that most people do scrutinize them carefully before they make decisions.

It’s interesting though that the consumables that are a staple of weekly grocery and department shopping in millions of households across America often receive no such scrutiny, even though they’re the bulk of the repetitive purchases that people make. It simply amazes me how people will just through any item off the shelf into their shopping carts without any thought as to whether they are getting any value for the money they’re spending.

For the most part, in this series, I will focus on everyday items that people buy. Your input will be welcome as well since determining monetary “value” has many meanings to many people – it is as much an art as a science. Maybe we’ll have some fun debates!

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