Gardening For Kids

Everybody remembers sprouting seeds in fifth grade science class, right? Remember how much fun it was waiting everyday for those first signs of life to show up? Once sprouted the seeds were planted and left in small pots on the window sill. Then there was the constant watering at the same time every day, probably during lunch recess. Of course, you couldn’t believe the difference in the size of the plants every Monday morning after being away from them for two and a half days.

Why not provide them same experience for the kids at home this summer too?

You can help them grow their own small gardens either outside or in a large pot if outside gardening isn’t possible where you live. Start by letting the kids pick out the seeds for the types of plants they want to grow. Then read and follow the directions with them to get the seedlings started. Transplant at the appropriate time. It will be a great lesson for the kids in many areas.

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