Frozen Pizza Ratings Reviews

Pizza is one of my favorite foods and favorite topics.

DiGiorno Rising Crust pizza is one product that definitely lives up to its advertising. “It’s not delivery, it’s DiGiorno.” Frozen pizza brands have been making claims for years that they are just as good as the pizza from a restaurant, but this has rarely been true.

The first brand I ever remember considering as a favorite when I was a child was La Pizzeria. (Does anyone else out there remember that brand?) As a teenager, I remember switching to Mama Celeste. Unfortunately, the large size was either discontinued by the manufacturer or just pulled by all the stores in my area, but the only kind of Mama Celeste pizza I can buy is the small, microwaveable single serving kind. I pretty much had to move on, although on occasion I would buy the single serving size to bring to work for a microwave lunch.

These days, I stick with DiGiorno and actually prefer it to most pizza places in the area. Considering a large DiGiorno pizza is one third of the price at a local pizza place and tastes better, it gets the highest Worth It rating possible.

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