Frosty Mugs

I was just thinking of some old frosty mugs that my cousin and I received as gifts when we were kids.

Before I go on, I should define frosty mugs in case people have other terms for them. I am talking about those mugs that are made of two layers of plastic with a liquid in between. You put them in the freezer and the liquid freezes. Then when you use them later, you are able to keep your drink cold for hours without ever watering it down with ice.

Notice I am saying “the liquid” between the layers. Although it is clear and looks like water, it has to be something else because I had a frosty mug in the cupboard which had never used. I just went to take it out and found that somehow the plastic cracked and the liquid leaked. Had it been water it would have evaporated because the mug has been in the cupboard for over a year. Also, some of the liquid crystallized around the bottom of the outside of the m ug so it is definitely not just plain water.

Anyway, we had similar plastic cups when we were kids. We used to call them icy freezes back then. Perhaps it was icee freeze. We may have been calling the item by its brand name.

Rather than just keeping your drinks cold, those we had as kids were supposed to turn the drink into a slushy, half-frozen consistency. They worked very well. They were great for soda, fruit juices, or Kool-Aid type drinks.

Anybody else remember having those as kids? What did you call them?

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