Free Entertainment For Kids

There are lots of free venues you can take the kids to this summer. Here are some ideas.
1. Parades – Your town or surrounding towns are sure to have parades for Flag Day, Fourth of July, and perhaps other regional or local events.

2. Library Programs – I mention libraries often for two reasons. You already pay for them through your tax dollars whether you use the facilities or not and they have many free programs for children and adults. Check yours today for the list of summer activities for the kids

3. Free Admission Days – Check online for specials at your local park or zoo. Most will have a free admission day underwritten by a company or local media outlet.

4. Outdoor Concerts – You can find outdoor concerts underwritten by your local parks and recreation department or a local community group throughout the summer.

Please share your ideas to help other parents find free entertainment for their kids this summer.

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